Other Services


ÇEVPA designs original projects for the treatment plants and the factories to remove the odour. For this purpose; Scrubbers, Fluid Bed Reactors, Zeolite bed Reactors and Active Carbon Filter are being used and designed. To get rid of the odour produced by the wastewater, Çevpa also supplies special chemicals and biological products.




Zeolite is a natural mineral that has a strong ion changing characteristic. It is used as an additive material in numerous branches of chemistry. It also has a widespread use in Agriculture and refining. It is a multi-purpose filter filling material. It is a natural mineral with micro and macro pores. It has a high ion changing capacity. It makes physical and the chemical filtering together at the same time. It holds particles and sediments. It holds the metallic ions such as Fe+3, Pb+2, Cu+2, Cd, Ni+3. It holds non-metallic ions such as Ca-2, Mg+2, Na+, K+. It softens the water. It holds the nitrogenous compounds. It removes the stinks in the liquid or gassy environments. It is used for refining emission. It is used as filling material in the swimming pool filters.



Nowadays, operating the water treatment systems requires engineers who are professional on this field. In order to save money and time, Çevpa operates the water treatment plants for you.







ÇEVPA presents all kind of services of revision and management to get the optimum productivity from the establishments that have problems with operation and the ones with the outdated technologies. The establishments are evaluated with the present structure and with the ÇEVPA experience they are given productivity again.


ÇEVPA believes in the necessity of the professional operation of the refinery establishments and organizes in that direction. By doing so, the refinery establishment would work in the optimum productivity. And the system will have a longer and economical life with the right service and maintenance at the right timing.